• Made for turbidity measurements in the range 0,00 - 15,00 McFarland
  • Applications include measurement of concentration in colour- or cell suspensions (bacterial and yeast), determination of antibiotical sensitivity, and as part of  microorganism identification
  • Fits tubes with a diameter of 18mm, adapter for tubes with a diameter of 16mm is included

Cat. no.ProductSpecial offer
BS-050102-AAF DEN-1 Densitometer (suspension turbidity detector), with mains power adapter6699,-Order now
BS-050104-AAF DEN-1B Densitometer (suspension turbidity detector), with mains power adapter and battery operation (3 x AA)7799,-Order now
BS-050102-IK Adapter for tubes Ø12mm299,-Order now

The offer is listed ex. VAT and shipping charges, and is valid until 30.06.2024.
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Per Odin Hansen