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NanoDrop maintenance

Regular maintenance ensures longer lifetime for your NanoDrop!

We care about your NanoDrop, and have therefore summed up the daily, monthly, and periodic maintenance your instrument requires to obtain a longer lifetime. It is simple, wheather your NanoDrop is of the older or newer model.

Daily maintenance

  • Between each single measurement, clean both pedestals with a new and dry lint-free laboratory wipe. Between different experiments, apply deionized water on lower pedestal and lower arm for 2 minutes before wiping dry both pedestals.

    Tip: When thorough cleaning is required (typically to remove dried protein sample left on the pedestals), clean and recondition the pedestals using PR-1 Reconditioning Kit.
  • Keep instrument in room temperature with relative humidity (non-condensing, 20 - 80%) and out of direct exposure to sunlight
  • As with other electric instruments, turn it off occasionally (once a week) to prolong its lifetime


Periodic maintenance

  • Clean touchscreen gently by wiping with a soft, lint-free cloth such as microfiber. If necessary, use a cleaner intended for glass LCD displays and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Clean and recondition pedestals using the PR-1 Reconditioning Kit when needed. How often this should be performed depends on how much the instrument is used and what the samples are dissolved in. However, if your drop seemingly flattens out, the pedestal surface needs to retain its hydrophobic property. Once the hydrophobicity is obtained, the drop will bead up nicely again.

Every 6 months

The following diagnostic tests are recommended to be performed every 6 months. See instrument's user guide for instructions and details.

  • Clean and recondition pedestals with PR-1
  • Run Intensity Check
  • Run Performance Verification with CF-1/8 or PV1/8
  • Run Pedestal Image Check 


Cat. no.ProductSuitable for these NanoDrop models
CHEM-PR1-KITPR-1 reconditioning kitAll
CHEM-CF-1 CF-1 calibration check fluid 1000, 2000, 2000C and Lite
CHEM-PV-1 PV-1 performance verification kitOne, OneC and Lite Plus
CHEM-CF-8 ND8000 performance verification solution 8000
CHEM-PV-8 PV-8 performance verification solution Eight

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