BioNordika Newsletter Issue 2
April-June 2024

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In this issue we have some exciting campaigns and product highlights that we hope can support you in your rearch.


  • Explore exclusive offers on NanoDrop One spectrophotometers for precise nucleic acid quantification
  • 3 for 2 on restriction enzymes from NEB
  • High-quality stem cells from Lonza
  • Elevate your protein analysis with epitope tag antibodies from Rockland
  • Experience ergonomic pipetting with the Pipetboy Acu 2
  • Illuminate your experiments with a range of fluorescent dyes for various applications
  • Essential laboratory equipment including sonication devices, densitometers, and stirring water baths


🧬 NEBNext UltraExpress library prep kits: Revolutionize your RNA and DNA sequencing with NEBNext UltraExpress library preparation kits.

🔬 CELENA X and CELENA S live cell imaging systems: Capture dynamic cellular processes with precision using cutting-edge imaging systems from Logos Biosystems.

🔍 SignalStar multiplex IHC: Delve into spatial biology with the latest tool for multiplex immunohistochemistry from CST.

🧫 Bioreactor and fermenter systems: Learn about the latest advancements in bioreactor and fermenter systems from Getinge Applikon.

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Don't forget to flip to the last page for a brain-teasing CROSSWORD PUZZLE! Solve it for a chance to win cinema tickets or a delicious cake.

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