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NanoDrop Lite Plus

The NanoDrop Lite Plus is an affordable microvolume spectrophotometer for easy assessment of DNA, RNA, and protein concentrations. While it offers fewer features than premium models, it maintains the NanoDrop platform's reputation for fast, accurate measurements. Ideal for teachers and researchers on a budget.

The NanoDrop Lite Plus gives you a quick and easy way to measure sample concentration and to assess purity ratios. It offers fewer features than the NanoDrop One and NanoDrop Eight, but gives teaching and academic research labs the opportunity to experience the ease-of-use, reliability, and accuracy that has become synonymous with the NanoDrop platform. 

NanoDrop Lite Plus Spectrophotometer measures concentrations up to 1500 ng/ul (dsDNA)/ 1200 ng/ul (RNA) / 45 mg/ml (BSA), and calculate critical A260/A280 and A260/A230 purity ratios using trusted NanoDrop technology.


Compare NanoDrop Lite Plus with NanoDrop One / OneC 

 NanoDrop Lite PlusNanoDrop One / OneC
Wavelength range230 nm, 260 nm, 280 nm190 - 850 nm
Dynamic range2 - 1500 ng/μl dsDNA2 - 27500 ng/μl dsDNA
Programmed methods5 key applications17+ applications
Built in screenYesYes
Need for external computerNoOptional
Cat. no.DescriptionUser manual
NDLPLUSGLNanoDrop Lite PlusDownload

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