Environmental awareness

As a distributor, BioNordika impacts the environment; hence, we need to set requirements that we and our suppliers must meet. BioNordika is responsible for choosing, obtaining and delivering the products we sell. Consequently, efficient logistics and warehouse management are essential, contributing to reducing environmental impact.

We are Eco Lighthouse certified

In 2018, we became an Eco Lighthouse-certified business. We work with sustainability in areas such as the working environment, waste management, energy use, purchasing and transport, and want to do our part to contribute to a green future. We evaluate our suppliers, both for internal use and for products we distribute. We strive to reduce the impact on the environment, and our products must not harm users. These goals must be achieved through continuous improvements. Both management and employees must participate actively in the improvement work.

Read more about the Environmental Lighthouse here.

Green tips

It is certainly possible to run the lab a bit more sustainable by squeezing down the consumption of plastic materials, recycling more efficiently, or even reusing some products. At BioNordika we are committed to making better choices for our environment, and we encourage our customers to consider these 7 green tips:


  1. Select a supplier with green values in practice
  2. Replace tap water-cooling with circulators
  3. Shut down the instruments when not in use
  4. Avoid unnecessary heating and cooling
  5. Choose less harmful reagents when available
  6. Maintain your instruments regularly to keep them running longer.
  7. Order in bulk when possible, to avoid extra packaging and shipping

Want to join the recycling program?


Recycling of cooling elements and styrofoam boxes

We provide recycling services for cooling elements and styrofoam boxes from customers in the Oslo area. If your institute or department is interested in participating in the BioNordika recycling initiative, please feel free to contact us via email at info@bionordika.no or by phone at 23 03 58 00.

Sustainability AddLife

Sustainability is a central part of our vision to improve people's lives, and therefore also an integral part of the business and central to our long-term strategy. We are committed to making a positive impact on the world through our products and services. Based on our value chain and stakeholder dialogues, we have identified three impact areas where we can make the greatest contribution to a long-term lasting business and society. We have also identified specific targets and KPIs connected to these areas.