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NanoDrop microvolume spectrophotometers

Thermo Scientific NanoDrop instruments were the first micro volume UV-Vis spectrophotometers and fluorospectrometers designed specifically for the life science market and have fundamentally changed DNA, RNA and protein analysis. With more than 35000 instruments in laboratories worldwide, NanoDrop instruments have become the recognized standard for micro volume instrumentation.

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 NanoDrop One/OneC
NanoDrop Eight
NanoDrop Lite Plus
Product summaryFull-spectrum microvolume UV-Vis measurements with a cuvette option in a single instrumentHigh-throughput, full-spectrum microvolume UV-Vis measurementsBasic microvolume UV measurements
Sampling optionsNanoDrop One: Pedestal only
NanoDrop OneC:
Pedestal and cuvette
Measures 1–2 µL sampleYesYesYes
Dynamic range
(ng/µL dsDNA)
2,0 - 27500*
ng/µL for dsDNA
2,0 - 10000
ng/µL for dsDNA
2 - 1500
ng/µL for dsDNA
Full-spectra dataYesYes-
Pre-programmed methods for nucleic acids and proteinsYesYesYes
Measures nucleic acid A260YesYesYes
Measures nucleic acid A260/A280 ratioYesYesYes
Measures nucleic acid A260/A230 ratioYesYesYes
Measures purified protein A280YesYesYes
Measures protein and peptides at A205YesYes-
Measures protein A260/A280 ratioYesYesYes
Pre-programmed methods for colorimetric assays (BCA, Bradford, Lowry, Pierce 660)YesYes-
Custom methodsYesYes-
Built-in cuvette optionYes (NanoDrop OneC)--
Standalone local controlYesRequires computerYes
High-resolution touchscreen interfaceYes-Yes
Measures fluorescent-labeled nucleic acid and protein samples using absorbanceYesYes-
Autoblank and AutomeasureYesYes-
Acclaro contaminant identificationYesYes-
21 CFR Part 11 regulatory complianceOptional Security Suite SoftwareOptional SciVault Software 
Password-protected accessOptional Security Suite SoftwareOptional SciVault Software 
Embedded technical support **YesYes 
Enhanced connectivity (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth™)Yes  
Thermo Fisher Connect (cloud enabled)Yes  

*Lowest detection limit is 0.2 ng/µL with 10 mm cuvette.
**Instrument is delivered with English software and help. Language packs can be downloaded from our website 

NanoDrop 1000, NanoDrop 2000/NanoDrop 2000c, NanoDrop 3300, NanoDrop 8000 and NanoDrop Lite

Is your laboratory still utilizing/relying on one of these NanoDrop models? Please note that manufacturer support may have ended since the production of these models are discontinued.

While we continue to offer user support to the best of our ability, we can no longer assure the feasibility of service, repairs, the availability of spare parts, or software functionality for all these models. If you require any form of assistance, please reach out to us for comprehensive information. Our team is also available to provide maintenance advice and recommendations for selecting a suitable instrument that meets your specific needs.


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