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Cell counting slides

The LUNA family of automated cell counters work with the LUNA Cell Counting Slides. The LUNA slides are disposable slides that offer the ultimate counting experience. With no mess or cleanup, these precision slides are convenient and maintain the highest standard of cell counting accuracy.

  • LUNA Cell Counting Slides are disposable slides that are convenient and maintain high standard of cell counting accuracy during brightfield cell counting
  • PhotonSlides allow for optimal fluorescence detection as they are made with optical quality material with ultra-low autofluorescence
  • LUNA 1-Channel Slides offer the largest measuring volume, up to 5.1 μL, which promotes increased accuracy and precision
  • LUNA 3-Channel Slides enable you to run experiments in triplicate at once, easily reassuring repeatability and reproducibility
  • LUNA 8-Channel Slides maximize throughput and increase your lab’s efficiency by enabling the counting of 8 different samples at once
  • QUANTOM M50 Cell Counting Slides are designed for use with the QUANTOM Tx Microbial Cell
  • Counter and have ultra-low autofluorescence to allow for optimal fluorescence detection


Cat. no.ProductSizeCompatible instrumentDatasheet
L12011LUNA™ Reusable Slide 1 chamberLUNA-II, LUNA-FL, LUNA-FX7Download
L12012LUNA™ Reusable Slide 1 chamber, 2 packLUNA-II, LUNA-FL, LUNA-FX7Download
L12014LUNA™ Reusable Slide Coverslips 10 unitsLUNA-II, LUNA-FL, LUNA-FX7 
L12001LUNA Cell Counting Slides50 slides (100 counts)LUNA-II, LUNA-FL (BF*), LUNA-FX7 (BF*)Download
L12002LUNA Cell Counting Slides500 slides (1000 counts)LUNA-II, LUNA-FL (BF*), LUNA-FX7 (BF*)Download
L12003LUNA Cell Counting Slides1000 slides (2000 counts)LUNA-II, LUNA-FL (BF*), LUNA-FX7 (BF*)Download
L12005PhotonSlide™50 slides (100 counts)LUNA-FL (FL*), LUNA-stem, LUNA-FX7 (FL*)Download
L12006PhotonSlide™500 slides (1000 counts)LUNA-FL (FL*), LUNA-stem, LUNA-FX7 (FL*)Download
L12007PhotonSlide™1000 slides (2000 counts)LUNA-FL (FL*), LUNA-stem, LUNA-FX7 (FL*)Download
L72012LUNA™ 1-Channel Slides500 slidesLUNA-FX7Download
L72021LUNA™ 3-Channel Slides50 slidesLUNA-FX7Download
L72022LUNA™ 3-Channel Slides500 slidesLUNA-FX7Download
L72001LUNA™ 8-Channel Slides50 slidesLUNA-FX7Download
L72002LUNA™ 8-Channel Slides500 slidesLUNA-FX7Download
Q12001QUANTOM™ M50 Cell Counting Slides50 slides (100 counts)QUANTOM TxDownload

 *BF=brightfield, FL=fluorescence

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