Special pricing on Pipetboy Acu 2


Hundreds of thousands have been purchased worldwide during the more than four decades they have been available, confirming the Pipetboy as the most popular pipette filler in laboratories everywhere.

The Pipetboy Acu 2 is a worthy member of the family, with its lightweight, ergonomic design, protecting your wrists and shoulders every day. The lithiumion battery is always ready to run the Acu 2’s powerful motor, ensuring fast filling and emptying of the pipettes.

We have Pipetboy Acu 2 ready to ship from stock in Oslo (see table), and while supplies last we offer them at a very special price. If you need to get more Pipetboys for your laboratory, now is the time!

Cat. no.ProductSpecial offer 
155 015PIPETBOY acu 2, green4599,-Order now
155 016PIPETBOY acu 2, red4599,-Order now
155 017PIPETBOY acu 2, blue4599,-Order now
155 019PIPETBOY acu 2, purple4599,-Order now

The offer is listed ex. VAT and shipping charges, and is valid until 30.06.2024.
When ordering through other channels, please refer to promo code #BNQ2-24 to receive the offer.

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Per Odin Hansen

Product specialist

Per Odin Hansen